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Brunette coquette

Brunette Coquette

posting 30882 lg Brunette coquette

Prom night has become the new wedding night! When it comes to consummation, anyway. Girls don’t wait for marriage (but then again, did they ever?); they’re giving it up way sooner. And like so many of her classmates, Amai chose to pop her cherry on her prom night. She’s fucked a lot since, but she rehashes that special night from the beginning just for you. “A bunch of my friends rented a limo for prom, and my date was a little bit older than me. He was already in college. He actually had a girlfriend; she was real pretty. Tall and curvy with big boobs. He offered to take me to prom because otherwise I wouldn’t have had a date. I thought that was sweet of him.” Naive Amai didn’t even see her cherrypopping coming! That’s what makes her first time even hotter. It was totally unplanned and unexpected! “I really did not think that my date had any other intentions than just escorting me to prom. I didn’t even think he was attracted to me since his girlfriend was so voluptuous. But all during prom he was flirting with me, and when we danced he got really close. I could’ve sworn that I felt a boner, but I told myself it was probably nothing. Then he kissed me! I was so shocked; I totally did not see that coming. We spent the rest of the dance making out like crazy. After prom we were going to go to the beach in the limo and stay at a hotel. Well, on the ride there I was sitting on his lap, and this time I was sure I felt a boner. He started feeling up on me under my dress. I was a little self-conscious because there were other people around, but they were too busy making out to notice that he was fingering me.” Amai‘s first time fucking went on without a hitch! “He took out his cock, and I lifted my dress up from the back. This was all while I was still sitting in his lap. He started rubbing it on my pussy, spreading my juices everywhere. I wanted him to stick it in so bad that I positioned my pussy so that his head was right at my pussyhole. He pushed it in really slow, and I just sat there for a minute feeling it inside of me. I still wasn’t sure if anyone around us noticed what was going on, and I didn’t care! Everyone else was on the verge of fucking anyway. We started grinding very slowly and subtly. His cock felt sooo big and he kept telling me how tight I felt. When we finally got to the hotel we raced to our room and got under the covers. We were sharing the room with another couple, but they were already fucking. When he got on top of me and entered me that way it felt so good. We had sex the whole night!”

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She will smother you

She Will Smother You

posting 31041 lg She will smother you

This is one of the times in an XLGirl.com interview opener that starts the sexin’ before the interview wraps up! Analee Sands is a fresh, new model from Illinois. She learned about XL Girls from a friend, something that’s often the case here. But not enough. He kept on Analee to apply and after a week, she agreed. We didn’t keep her waiting long for a reply. Not with a body and kisser like that. When our cameraman asks the male man to deliver his meat package to her private box, the interview shifts to a full-blown action sequence. Analee is filled to the brim for the rest of the scene and she sounds like she’s digging every thrust and thump. Analee‘s said before that she has a CMNF fetish (sex with clothed man while nude). Her fuck partner doesn’t join in that interesting kink but he does give her a pre-fuck fingering that Analee likes. She appreciates a man who knows how to work his wand and drop a load in her honor. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Analee Sands, XLGirls salutes you.

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Beach balls

Beach Balls

posting 23308 lg Beach balls

This is one of our favorite sets of Christy because: 1) It was shot on-location in Eleuthera in the Bahamas and 2) Anytime you can get a glimpse of Christy wet and naked, it’s a good thing. Her beach balls look all that much better with water cascading off of them. At this shoot, the sun was setting and the water was getting colder, but Christy didn’t mind turning into an icicle for you. “The water makes my nipples so hard!” she screamed and then she rubbed them and giggled. With Christy, naked and wet, and this beautiful beach, we’d say that this is the perfect tropical getaway. Wouldn’t you?

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All-american jenny hamilton

All-American Jenny Hamilton

posting 30557 lg All american jenny hamilton

Looking at these photos of newcomer Jenny Hamilton-and even knowing these pictures are appearing in 40Something-you might think, Traditional woman-next-door. Housewife. Mother. All-American girl. Maybe even a bit of a prude. And you would be… dead wrong! “Well, I am the all-American girl,” Jenny said. “But the secret is that the all-American girl isn’t always what you think she is.”

Let’s play MILF Jeopardy. The answer is: “In my bedroom, blindfolded, listening to music on headphones, using toys, with a man with a big dick. Anal included.” The question is: “What was your kinkiest sexual encounter, Jenny?” And her second- kinkiest encounter? “That’s easy,” she said. “In the 40Something studio, with a guy I met maybe five minutes earlier, big dick, in my ass.”

Nice, fake tits with a tattoo. Meaty pussy. Pierced clit. Yes, the all-American girl is being redefined right here in the pages of 40Something, and don’t you love it? “I do,” Jenny said. “Men are always surprised when they see the jewelry on my pussy because although I’ve taken them home 10 minutes after I met them, they still have this old-fashioned idea about me.” An idea that, in Jenny‘s mind, she thinks she reinforces. “Old-fashioned women took care of their men. I definitely do that, even if it’s with a lot of different men!”

Does the all-American girl fuck her pussy with long, thick dildos? “This one does,” Jenny said. Does the all-American girl stuff her asshole with a butt plug and enjoy her own homemade DP? “This one does,” Jenny said, sighing as she pulled both fuck toys out of her juicy holes. “Especially since I’ve yet to have my first DP, which is another of my ultimate fantasies. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet, and my ex-husband definitely wasn’t going to invite another man into our bedroom. His loss.” Definitely. “On the beach. Blindfolded. One in my pussy, one in my ass.” We think you know the question to that answer.

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Dyin’ for a dickin’

Dyin’ For A Dickin’

posting 30579 lg Dyin for a dickin

Paola is totally craving manmeat in all of her holes. Most girls will suck cock. And most of them will fuck it with their pussies, too. But Paola is special. Not only does she get down with the suckin’ and fuckin’ action, but she lets guys fuck her asshole. “I love to have sex so much that I would drop whatever I was doing to have it. It’s my favorite thing in the world. Nothing can stop me when I want it.”

She fulfilled one of her fantasies. “I always wanted to have sex with two guys on the beach, and I finally got to do it. It was with two friends of mine, and it was unplanned, which made it even better. They had both been really flirty with me all night, so when we were sitting in the sand, I kissed one of them. Then I kissed the other. And it took off from there. I sucked both of their cocks back and forth. Then one of them got behind me and started fucking me while I kept sucking the other. Then they switched. I tried something else new that night, too. I did DP! It was intense, definitely something you save for a special occasion.”

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Is daisy lou our best cock sucker ever?

Is Daisy Lou Our Best Cock Sucker Ever?

posting 30675 lg Is daisy lou our best cock sucker ever?

Some of you guys have asked for more setup and scenario in our scenes. No setup here. No scenario, either. Just a cock-hungry 52-year-old divorcee named Daisy Lou who, for the first seven minutes of this scene, tries her hardest to get as much of Juan’s dick into her mouth as possible. She licks it, she sucks it, she smacks it against her face, and then she goes down on it some more. Talk about a dick-hungry mature slut! We’ve never seen anyone like Daisy Lou who’s giving Sandra Ann a run for her money in the blow job department. Daisy Lou takes a good pounding, too, saying shit like, “Fuck that Daisy Lou pussy. Fuck it! Fuck it hard!” Completely losing control of herself. Totally forgetting that the camera is there. Holding on for dear life while Juan practically fucks her off the bed before cumming all over her face. A woman like Daisy Lou isn’t classy in the bedroom. In fact, she’s basically a cock-hungry slut. A cum-lover. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Welcome to angel gee’s sports bar

Welcome To Angel Gee’s Sports Bar

posting 31194 lg Welcome to angel gees sports bar

Awesome Angel Gee will be your server today and she is serving up a double decker plate of supersexy woman, up-close, in your face and personal. Not only can you get beer and chicken wings with hot sauce, you can get the biggest breasts you can handle. Special breasts. Breasts you need two hands to handle, and even that’s a struggle. Forget every sports bar and restaurant you have ever been to with their C-cupper waitresses. That’s for other guys. Angel is the sports bar busty star of this place and it’s the real deal for breast and leg lovers. Speaking of hot sauce, Angel likes it! So pour it on!

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Valory and chica in the dr

Valory and Chica In The DR

posting 30934 lg Valory and chica in the dr

Dominican bomba Chica plays tour guide for her new busty Ukrainian friend Valory. They hit the town in the Dominican Republic and enjoy the local culture, which activates the Latina dance fever waiting to be released out of Valory. Then they team up for a bikini posedown on the beach, just two SCORE big-boobed dolls from different cultures becoming fast friends.

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Auto body

Auto Body

posting 30765 lg Auto body

enna Valentine starts off by hosing down a SCOREmobile, then asks rhetorically, “Why am I getting this car wet when I can get myself wet?” Indeed, why? You’d rather see her beautiful, big boobies get soaked and drip with water than a set of wheels. “I’ll bet you’d like to see them now since they’re all wet,” Jenna says about her wet chest. “Why am I wearing this top?” Indeed, why again? This is the kind of car wash that men dream of finding but can’t because of repressive zoning codes. That’s why we decided that if the ultimate car wash that breast men want doesn’t exist, then we’d build one! At least temporarily. Jenna goes way beyond basic car washing in the second half! She really has an excellent pair of squeegees.

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Pale princess

Pale Princess

posting 30898 lg Pale princess

What’s Vicky been up to since we last saw her in the Dec. ’09 issue? Well, Vicky tells us that her parents are still a pain in the ass. They don’t let her have a boyfriend and they’re wary of any male suitors, but fortunately she’s still sucking and fucking as much as ever. “One good thing is that they eased up on my curfew. I can come home at 1 a.m. now, so I have way more time to fuck when I go out. But I still plan to move out soon. I started working as a waitress, and I’ve been making pretty good money. My friend and I are going to move in together, and it’s going to be a total fuckfest!” Apparently horny, young girls like to be friends with other horny, young girls. Vicky‘s soon-to-be roomie is just like her. She has strict parents who always cock-block her. Both of these horny buddies want to break free and go crazy fucking. “Once we move in together we’re totally going to have a threeway together, and maybe even an orgy. That’s a fantasy we both share. I’m pretty much straight, but I don’t mind putting on a lezzie show with my friend for the guys we want to fuck. I’m so looking forward to doing whatever I want to do! It’ll be so much fun to live with my friend! Not only will I be able to fuck whenever I want, but I can walk around naked, too. I can come home whenever I want and bring home whoever I want. When I masturbate, or when I fuck, I can be as loud as I want. Basically, I’m going to be getting buck wild! My roomie will be, too. She’s an even bigger freak than I am. She’s actually the one who brought up the idea of us having threeways and orgies together. She’s done that stuff before so she knows all about it. She’s bi, too, and I think she kind of wants to eat my pussy. Like I said, I’m straight. But I’ll let her eat my pussy. I don’t care as long as it feels good.” She definitely won’t be bored. With the revelation of her friend’s bisexuality and eagerness to engage in group sex with Vicky, we couldn’t help but wonder if this friend has ulterior motives. “She might, but I don’t care. I’m open to whatever, as long as it feels good. She’s a lot of fun, and I’m all about sex and fun.”

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